Untitled Jane Game


Our main character, Ms. Jane, is trying to get a career in the male dominated tech industry. She must overcome the challenges of women in tech in order to have a successful career.
The goal is to complete as many tasks as possible for boss man and get promoted to CEO. Each level has a number of tasks that Ms. Jane must complete before time runs out.


Jane [Our Heroine]

Our character is Jane Deux, a software engineer with big dreams and a college degree. After having already completed the “intern grind” during her years in school, Jane won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves out in the real world. Jane’s goal is to climb the corporate ladder and prove herself as a strong and capable engineer, despite the stereotypes and challenges involved with being a minority in the tech industry. Jane’s new place of work is at a small startup with a male majority workforce in the Californian town of Arsenic Valley.


Due to the stereotypical thinking that men are better at coding, Jane's co-workers are mostly male and expected to handle the more complex engineering problems.

Geoff [The Bossman]

A jerk. What's standing between Jane and her dream.



Dianne Ison

Nina Brock

Cheyenne Chavez

Danielle Muhlenberg

Melissa Torres

Rosetta Pendleton

Alyssa Joy Prodigalidad